Design is alchemy. 

It is the thoughtful craft of making the ethereal tangible. 

about us

The work that we produce is focused on finding appropriate, thoughtful responses to the challenges each new project presents through professional expertise, research, and direct client and end-user engagement. Our work is contemporary and contextual, offering appropriate, modern solutions to today’s housing, workplace, and community needs.

We have a strong interest in the intersection of environmental and social sustainability, wellness, and affordability in both urban and rural markets.  As architects, we aspire to thoughtfully contribute to the built environment while being stewards of the natural environment and advocates for its inhabitants. 

We specialize in sustainable, healthy, affordable, and sufficiently-sized design solutions.

We are licensed to provide architectural services in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, and
West Virginia.

What's in a name?

We selected nth degree because we wanted a name that describes both the level of detail of the services we provide, as well as our commitment to our clients.  

It's about a high degree of attention and excellence on every project, at every scale, for every client.  

nth°...let's get to it!

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